Richard McNeall

Richard McNeall, is president of EFN-Australia, an engineer, kayaker, company director and family man from northwestern Sydney.

He is an honours engineering graduate whose first position was Rheem engineer on the Solar Evacuated Tube joint development project with Sydney University from 1985-87.  A later spell as Mobil Sales Engineer for large commercial customers in the Port Kembla region showed that, in the mainstream energy business, pricing is everything !

Richard McNeall kayak

Currently, Richard is a director of three engineering businesses all of which make a significant contribution to reducing our energy consumption, including component friction reduction and life extension, mechanical system maintenance optimisation and variable flow fume extraction.

Richard and his family have an ongoing project to save CO2, and, and at this stage, have a mostly native garden, no air conditioning, solar hot water, hybrid car, water efficiency, efficient lighting, clean energy etc.  The office/factory have just had an energy audit, and there is still much to do there.


Goronwy Price

Goronwy Price, vice-president of EFN-Australia, is a strong proponent of nuclear energy as a major part of a serious attack on climate change, and has spent 30 years involved with the environment.

Goronwy led the first Australian expedition to the North face of Everest and the first rafting descent of the Tsangpo, the world’s highest river as well as countless other adventures in the wild and beautiful corners of the world. He helped organise the first Fleet ReEnactment project, highlight of Australia’s Bicentennial celebrations.

In 1975 Goronwy founded the adventure travel company World Expeditions and built it to be the world’s largest adventure organisation. He is currently Managing Director of a successful software exporter.


David Maxfield, EFN-Australia committee member, is a professional Engineer with over 30 years experience mainly in the critical transport sector, brings a much-needed clear thinking approach to climate and the environment.

“I was alarmed by climate change and I could not find a good environmental organisation to support without counterproductive policies based on fear rather than reason.  Nuclear Energy clearly needs to be on the table as part of the solution, and as an organisation to support, Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy fits the bill”


Harley Wright, EFN-Australia committee member, and environmental consultant, brings with him considerable experience in the regulatory and compliance side of the environment.  Harley is a staunch supporter of an emissions trading scheme as our first solid step to tackling climate change.