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Environmentalists for Nuclear EnergyEnvironmentalists for Nuclear Energy Australia is a not-for-profit environmental association with around 600 members established in 2007*, and affiliated with the 9,000 strong Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy International movement in 2009.  EFN-Australia is seeking to re-register as a political party, and is independent of any other political or industrial entity.  We are just a group of people in favour of preserving the environment.
EFN-Australia’s major objective is to achieve the strongest possible action on climate change:
  1. by promoting acceptance of nuclear energy as a significant part of the solution to climate change;
  2. by supporting all viable technologies for greenhouse gas abatement;
  3. by pushing for ambitious emissions reduction targets and timelines, achieved by a strong carbon price signal;
  4. by endorsing and promoting the election of candidates to the Senate, House of Representatives and/or State Parliaments;
  5. by having a politically non-partisan agenda, welcoming positive action from all sides.
EFN-Australia membership by age
*  Before affiliating with EFN we were registered as Conservatives for Climate and Environment.  The move to Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy, ratified unanimously at our August 2009 AGM, has seen us drop all left-right political alignment and focus solely on achieving the strongest possible action on climate change.


  1. Craig Lucanus says:

    Is anybody there? Is EFN up and running?

  2. Peter Leach says:

    As I am interested in helping to develop our use of nuclear energy.., I am looking to join an organisation to that effect. To put my shoulder behind it as such…

    Unfortunately I can not find any such group, here in New Zealand.

    Can you advise please.

    Peter Leach

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